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Next Consignment Boutique
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Consignor Policies

Next Consignment Boutique
is a local, leading source for profitable consignment. We specialize in women’s and girls' clothing, footwear, and accessories. Please join our 4000 consignors who are cleaning out their closets regularly and making money by doing so! It’s a great way to recycle!

We accept items by appointment only.
Please respect this.  We have time slots available during the week, as well as on the weekends. Schedule an appointment by phone, in the store, or online.

Seasonal items only.
We accept clothing on a seasonal basis.  We don’t have space to store off-season items. Please click here for our seasonal clothing chart (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).

One-time fee.
There is a $15 one-time fee, due at the first appointment, unless you wish to either surrender unsold items, or keep your money on account for in-store spending.

You will receive 45% of the selling price.  You can email, phone, drop by, or check our convenient consignor login page anytime to find your account balance. Checks are available monthly for amounts greater than $10, at your request. If requested before Wednesday, checks are available for pick up on that Friday.

9-week consignment period.  We price to sell within a 9-week consignment period: First at tag price (1/2 to 1/3 of retail); in the final weeks at 25% off; and lastly, 50% off, if items are still on the floor. At the end of nine weeks, based on your consignor agreement, you can either pick up your unsold merchandise, or surrender them to the store.

We want to sell as much of your clothing, shoes and accessories as possible. 
Therefore, to maintain consistent, high-quality items to offer our customers, here are the “nitty gritty” details to keep in mind when cleaning out your closet, so that you can earn the most money for your efforts.

Yes, please:

No thanks:

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